Trinity, Bearbrook


We continue to follow up with our GIFT campaign in proceeding to a greater accessibility. It is hoped that by the end of Autumn we will have an exterior ramp in place to make the initial access to the building easier for all. We are also on the lookout for other grant opportunities in order to complete the stair lift.


St. Mary's Navan


We have completed our first two projects under budget. The audio-video link between the Church and the Hall is now in place. A 20 year contract with Hydro One is secured for solar panels which are now installed.


We have embarked on a community fundraising campaign for our next two projects: a physical link between the Church and the Hall and a kitchen renovation. The objective of our What If campaign is to raise $500,000 through community donations and fundraising events over the next 5 years.


What If...?
  • No one had to wait out in the rain for an event to start?

  • Small groups had a place meet away from the larger group?

  • Groups meeting on a weekly basis had a place to store their materials?

  • Classes for “Cooking Healthy on a Budget” could be offered?

  • More than one group could use the hall at a time?

  • ...

St. Andrew's, Vars


Thanks to the money pledged to GIFT and a government summer employment grant, we were able to run a really top-of-the-line summer program for the many kids of Vars. Partnered with the Vars Community Association and thanks to strong efforts on the part of Jean Seguin of that association we have committed to seeking a GIFT grant from the Diocese to further the work next summer.



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