Trinity, Bearbrook


The first church building is thought to have been built in the late 1850’s. The original building was a simple wooden structure that also served families from the nearby communities of Navan, Vars and Canaan. In those early days, Bearbrook was the base of a travelling ministry that stretched as far as Osgoode.


The first service in the present building, a baptism, took place on January 13, 1900.


Many improvements have been added over the years, including the Bell Tower in 1924 and the church basement in 1992. In 1966, the congregation of St. Paul’s Canaan, which had been established as far back as 1864, reunited with Trinity, Bearbrook.

St. Mary's Navan


The first church in Navan was built in 1867 by families who had previously traveled to Bearbrook. Still part of the Parish of Bearbrook until 1888, in that year St. Mary’s became a separate parish with the congregations in Blackburn and Cumberland.


The present church was opened on December 27, 1898 on the same site, with a confirmation service also presided over by the first Bishop of Ottawa. St. Mary’s Church Hall was built in 1950.


Since 1969, the Hall has been the home of the Navan Community Sunday School, open to all children in the community.

Here is a publication marking the 100th anniversary of St. Mary's in 1998.

St. Andrew's, Vars


In 1889 several Anglican families purchased a parcel of land from a local Presbyterian farmer for the construction of a new church. Consecrated on May 28, 1890, by the first Bishop of Ottawa, St. Andrew’s is the only church of that name in the Diocese of Ottawa, the name having been a condition of sale. Originally built with very simple furnishings, many improvements have been added over the years, including, in 1929, a reed organ. The existing bell tower was built to replace the original tower after the weight of the church bell caused the latter to sag.


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