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Holy Saturday

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Holy Saturday is the final day of the Triduum or Three-Days during Holy Week. In some Christian traditions, the family would prepare a basket filled with food staples such as bread, salt, oil, eggs, and other items. Then bring it to the church to be blessed. In a way, it is to renew the extension of God's blessing to family's table. 

Holy Saturday is also intended for a prayer vigil in the evening after sunset, where the new Paschal candle is blessed and the new light is brought into the sanctuary. On this night, there would be baptisms and initiations into the Christian faith. 

The liturgy is filled with Bible narratives of covenant and promise starting with the Genesis passage's account of Creation. Below, I have provided a link to a teaching liturgy which means the pastors explain the significance of the liturgical components as they are worshipping. It is a special way of learning about Easter Vigils and I hope there would opportunity for us to also experience this meaningful liturgy in the future.